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* 1957, 1961 & 1962


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Please select any menu item on the left. We are eager to have you complete the section for your profile. In this section, you will have the ability to submit a photo of yourself, describe some of your favorite school memories, write your autobiography and much more! The autobiographical data, your school memories and your photo will be compiled in a hardback binder comparable to The Yackety Yak. This will be our history told by us. Your autobiographical data should include anything that you wish future generations remember about you including family history, work experience and most of all, what it was like for your to grow up in Chapel Hill. Experiences that we had with The M 'n' Grill, Snipes Farm, Social and Civic Groups, Henry Baldwin's Wood Yard, The Rock Wall, Ben Baldwin's Grill and Clara Baldwin's Beauty Shop, Bill's BBQ, Mason's Grocery Store, Motel and The Starlight Supper Club, Doug's Pool Room, Hollywood Taxi and Grill, Preston Weaver's Shoe Shop, Bynum Weaver's Grocery Store and Susie Weaver's Beauty Shop, Horace Brewer's Grocery Store, Hargraves Center, The Civil Right's Movement, our churches, and others that you may recall must be recorded for future generations.

Feel free to contact me for any assistance. Please do not delay; the rapidity, certainty and finality of death insures that someone's story will not be told. It's your time and the clock is ticking!